I started the Nonprofit Startup School because I am committed to helping establish sustainable organizations that can transform our society. I believe that many mainstream organizations can be so focussed on short term profits or be so out of touch with the communities they serve, that they become perpetuators of some of the most fundamental problems in our society.

Yet, when we create alternative organizations (and I’ve worked in scores of them over the years — cooperatives, worker collectives, activist groups, and nonprofits), these institutions often fall short of our aims and dreams. I’ve learned that many of the problems found within these groups arise from mistakes made when these organizations were founded.

So I decided to find creative ways to help would be founders establish sustainable organizations that are committed to bettering the world in some way.

Perhaps you’ve attended one of my free meetups or are a regular subscriber to the weekly blog posts I write. Perhaps you’ve learned something from playing the nonprofit startup game, or perhaps I’ve assisted your organization in some other way. If so, here is a chance for you to share these experiences with others. The more people who know about the Nonprofit Startup School, the wider and deeper our collective impact on society will be.

Please take a moment to share your experiences in whatever way you think is appropriate. Here are some suggestions.

Are you in Portland, Oregon?

Attend a meetup or invite someone else to come. These meetups are for people who are thinking about starting a nonprofit organization to learn about and explore how this can be done most effectively and sustainably.

Are you on social media?

Share a Nonprofit Startup School page with your friends. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Do you follow the blog?

Forward an update to a friend, or invite them to subscribe themselves.

Have I helped you or your organization?

If I’ve helped you in any way, drop me a line and say how. I can always use testimonials to show others how useful this work can be.