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Need to Research a Nonprofit? Here’s How

If you hope to start a sustainable nonprofit organization there are many questions you’ll need to answer. For example: Would the IRS approve of our mission statement or should it be tweaked before I submit my paperwork? How much will it cost to run our programs? How many people will we need to hire? How […]

Nonprofit Bookkeeping: What to Look For

If you’re starting a nonprofit organization one person you’ll need in your group of co-founders is someone who can handle the financial aspects of your organization. Now, keeping track of expenses and income sources is almost not certainly what brought you together. You came together to feed the puppies, or shelter the hungry, or cure […]

Three Alternatives to Starting a Nonprofit

Don’t start a nonprofit organization because it’s easier than starting a for-profit business. Don’t start a nonprofit organization because you want to avoid paying taxes. Don’t start a nonprofit organization because you think you can do this better than anyone else who’s ever tried. Start nonprofit organization when you see a gap in the community […]

This Boring Accounting Rule Will Trip You Up

Many who want to start a nonprofit organization know very little about nonprofit accounting, and there are some real traps you can fall into if you don’t understand the basics. I’m going to explain one important concept, and I’ll try to make it interesting by including references to donuts and ale. To make it simpler, […]

Why Do Things Go Wrong?

Last week, I mentioned five types of work people need to do when establishing a new nonprofit. This week, I wanted to mention a couple of things I see go wrong often enough that it helps me understand why these foundational pieces are so important. When I think about what are the biggest problems that […]